Kolhapur-based startup to digitally uplift sports fraternity

Amongst several industries, the sports industry is one of them to have obstacles and difficulties in keeping up with the rapid pace of technology. New generations that are accustomed to playing on grounds are feeling the heat, interacting and socialising in the world of sports is somehow taken away by the pandemic.

However, apart from social media platforms, virtual community building and interactions are seeking newer and fresher solutions from traditional clubs and groups that they expect from other areas of their lives, such as social media or online gaming.

To bring the entire sports fraternity including standalone players, groups, associations, facility providers and many other stakeholders, “MyKrida” has stepped in with action as a virtual platform right from booking of facilities, assistance for collaborations, organising sports tournaments or events to uplifting various extraordinary sports performed in the country and many more.

The startup “MyKrida” founded in 2021 by Sanatan Sports Management Company has already onboarded more than 500 facilities of all different kinds in parts of Western Maharashtra viz. Kolhapur, Ichalkaranji and Sangli. The startup aims at spreading its services across the state and gradually across the country too.

Speaking to the Founder and Director Shubham Sharma about how Mykrida works, and how Kolhapur's close-knit startup community came into existence and how it is helping the sports industry he shared, “Being a football enthusiast I have always wanted the ease of booking a turf for a game with my friends at ease and also have healthy competitive games with other players too. I always wished there was an online platform the way we have for the entertainment or food industry. I thought of ideating this myself and hence MyKrida came into existence. The aim is to bring ease to the various issues sports enthusiasts like me face in their daily lives and bringing the sports fraternity closer.

MyKrida announces Mr Sangaram Chougule as the brand ambassador, Mr Sangram Chougule has represented India and won several titles for the nation the prominent ones bring Mr World and M.Universe.

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