Mercedes, Nvidia to jointly make cars with little driving role for humans

Mercedes Benz and chipmaker Nvidia are teaming up to develop “next-generation computing platform" for automated driving. The new platform is based on the chipmaker’s new Orin system-on-chip (SoC) and the Nvidia Drive AGX software stack and will be seen in Mercedes’ vehicles from 2024.

The companies will use these capabilities to deliver a variety of automated driving functions that match the Society of Automotive Engineers’ (SAE) level 2 and 3 specifications. On paper, that means something like Tesla’s Autopilot mode, but may even be more advanced.

The system is also connected to the Internet and can be updated through over-the-air updates. This is the same way that Google and Apple update their operating systems on smartphones. Carmakers can use such systems to deliver fixes to a car’s controlling software, inform users about new things etc.

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