Mystifly Raised $3.3mn from Recruit Holdings

Mystifly raised $3.3 Mn in Pre-Series B from Recruit to strengthen its airfare distribution product and technology.

Mystifly is an all-in-one B2B application programming interface (API) integration for airfare distribution, fulfillment and payment services for ecommerce and travel intermediaries, it offers flight search, retail booking and fulfillment, payments API platform along with other airline connectivity and tools.

Founder and CEO Rajeev Kumar said “The era of airline retailing and efficient payments has begun and the current crisis has made this transition faster than what was anticipated earlier. Airlines will significantly improve their bottom-line by saving on payment costs and becoming new age retailers as they can make more relevant offers, including services with higher margins than just the flight seat price. There is no doubt that Retail Airlines will be the new talk of the town in the coming months, just as how Low Cost Carriers were about 10-15 years back.”

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