Neatsy is using AI foot scans to help people find the perfect pair of shoes

U.S.-based startup Neatsy AI is using the iPhone’s depth-sensing FaceID selfie camera as a foot scanner to capture 3D models for predicting a comfortable sneaker fit. It uses the iPhone’s FaceID camera to get a 3D scan of the user’s foot and further uses AI to predict which pair of shoes would be a good match. Once users find their new favorite shoe, the Neatsy app shows them where to buy it.

Although Neatsy’s AI-driven foot scanning tool is designed for consumers but it has the potential to revolutionize the e-commerce world. The startup plans to pitch its technology to retailers and online store owners.

“Speaking long term we think that our future is B2B and all e-commerce shops would eventually have a fitting tech, we bet it will be ours. It will be the same as having a credit card payment integration in your online shop.” said Artem Semyanov, Neatsy’s CEO and founder.

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