New product, new business , Uber to sell software

Uber is getting into software, it is making the technology that powers its ride-hailing business available to others, starting with public transit agencies.

California’s Marin County transportation providers are the first customers to buy access to Uber’s software in a deal, the tie-up represents a potential new revenue stream for Uber at a time when the company could use it.

“Together we want to make car ownership a thing of the past.” But the effort is starting small. The program, called Marin Connect, will power logistics for just four wheelchair-accessible vans when it begins on July 1.

The two-year deal will cost $80,000, said Nancy Whelan, the General Manager of Marin Transit. “We pilot a lot of things,” Whelan said. “We try to stay nimble.” Marin Transit has also worked with transportation tech companies Lyft Inc. and Via in the past.

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