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Paytm launched Pi, an end-to-end fraud risk management platform to secure digital businesses

Paytm launched, Paytm Intelligence (Pi), the innovation and development line of business within Paytm Labs in Canada, focused on creating financial products using smart technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Pi is aimed at further expanding our cloud-based service offerings for businesses and empowering them to become future-ready.

The marquee solution coming out of the Pi innovation lab is the first fraud risk management (FRM) platform to connect data signals from across the customer journey into one robust central decisioning hub. With enhanced pattern recognition and a central view of fraud, organizations are able to better fight fraud and form a foundation for sustainable growth at unprecedented scale. The core features of Pi include: data ingestion, rules & modeling engine, reporting with simulations, case management and anomaly detection.

“Leveraging our knowledge and deep expertise in the fintech world, we introduce you to Pi, a marquee solution that is much needed in a world driven by technology. At Paytm Labs, our founding thesis is to use our world-class engineering talent to create innovative products. Starting with Pi, we are now offering these solutions to customers in the United States.” Harinder Takhar, CEO, Paytm Labs – United States said

Pi will continue to protect customers, and will now extend its fraud risk management solution globally, focusing on North America and Japan.

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