• Ishaan kakkar

PhonePe launches $200 mn ESOPs for all full-time employees

Fintech major PhonePe announced the launch of a $200 mn stock option plan for its 2,200 full-time employees, enabling everyone to benefit from the growth it saw last year when digital payments hit new highs due to the pandemic.

The company said it will use the ESOPs to create incentives for its employees to stay invested in the organisation's long-term growth. A minimum of $5000-worth of ESOPs will be allocated for all levels. For more senior roles, ESOPs will be part of the employees' annual compensation, which the startup hopes will encourage everyone to "put the organisation first."

"We are committed to building an internal culture based on inclusion and an abundance mentality, where every interaction is a positive-sum game, as the organisation generates more value, it translates into more benefits for every employee. There is more for everyone, removing the need for internal competition," the startup's blog post read.

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