Home fitness company Aviron rises amid lockdown.

While all of us agreed that a few tech sectors had more to gain from the events of 2020 than others, for Aviron it was the ideal time to pivot. It had been providing gamified rowing machines for the B2B market — specifically for use in high-traffic settings like hotels and apartment buildings.

Until now, the company has largely relied on word of mouth sales, having sold in the neighborhood of 1,000 rowing machines since launching for the consumer market in July. The monthly subscription runs $20-$30 and the company is quick to note that you can cancel at any time.

“Rowing engages 85% of your muscles,” founder and CEO Andy Hoang explained. “It’s low impact. There are a ton of benefits, but it’s super boring and super tough. When you combine it with high-intensity training, you have a death machine that pretty much no one’s gonna want to do. What better way to make it fun and exciting than by putting video games on there?”

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