Pradeep Poonia Points Finger At WhiteHat Jr After Twitter Suspends His Account

Software engineer Pradeep Poonia's Twitter account @whiteHatSnr had been suspended. Poonia allegedly that is was WhiteHat Jr’s doing, as part of the ongoing defamation proceedings initiated against him by the BYJU’S owned startup.

“So after taking down 17 videos, 2 YT channels, 2 Reddit accounts, 1 Twitter handle, 1 Quora account, 3 LinkedIn articles, then this LinkedIn account itself, filing a 20 crore defamation lawsuit against me, then legally making me remove 12 tweets and 4 YouTube videos, now they ‘somehow’ took down my Twitter handle @whiteHatSnr itself,” Poonia wrote on LinkedIn.

On November 22, WhiteHat Jr CEO Karan Bajaj had filed a $2.6 Mn defamation suit against Poonia, for his tweets and other social media posts criticizing the edtech startup’s curriculum, their mode of functioning and their advertisements. The defamation notice sent to Poonia specified that Poonia had started his defamation spree in early September by making comments on WhiteHat Jr’s advertisements concerning an imaginary child “Wolf Gupta”, a teen who had supposedly landed a job in Google.

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