Pradeep Poonia seeks records on Wolf Gupta Ads; WhiteHat Jr opposes

The latest hearing in the defamation case filed by WhiteHat Jr against critic Pradeep Poonia, couldn’t take place due to some server issues in the High Court, though there has been some new updates from Poonia’s camp.

Poonia has asked for the records of ‘Wolf Gupta’ and ‘Ryan Venkat’ ads from Facebook and Instagram, along with a few documents from the Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) and the Department of Consumer Affairs, where complaints against WhiteHat Jr were filed but for some reason it was oposed. “They opposed my requests for these documents and don’t want these documents to be produced before the Hon’ble Court. They must be scared of what might come out in the open if these documents are given to the court!!,” Poonia said in a LinkedIn post.

Inc42 spoke to several legal experts and they say that WhiteHat Jr’s lawsuit against Poonia and Malpani is not just a case of defamation but also has traces of trademark and copyright infringement, which makes these cases a little different.

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