SBI Card partners with Paytm to launch Paytm SBI Card

SBI Card and Paytm have joined hands to launch India’s next generation credit cards. Available in two variants, Paytm SBI Card and Paytm SBI Card SELECT, the product has been launched on the Visa platform. Paytm SBI Card variants completely reimagine the credit card experience by enabling smart app features and providing superior rewards & benefits for its users.

Paytm SBI Cardholder will be empowered to control their cards through smart one tap features available on both SBI Card mobile app & Paytm app. Paytm SBI Card variants will be equipped with instant one-touch services such as blocking/ unblocking the card for online transactions, blocking the card in case of loss, issuance of a duplicate card and viewing outstanding credit-limit.

It will also offer the option to safeguard users against fraud by switching off the card for contactless payments or international transactions when not required. Paytm App will also come with a personalized spend analyser helping in assessing expenses and planning future spends smartly. Paytm users can register their interest for the card from the Paytm app in less than 1 minute.

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