Skyroot Aerospace successfully test fires solid propulsion rocket stage Kalam-5

Spacetech startup Skytoot Aerospace lately announced a successful test firing of its solid propulsion rocket stage 'Kalam-5' & according to the company, this is the first time that a private company has successfully designed, developed and tested a full solid propulsion rocket stage.

The startup also revealed that it is in the process of raising $15 mn funding in 2021 and has raised $4.3 mn till date from Mukesh Bansal, Vedantu Investments, Solar Industries.

“Kalam-5 is a demonstrator solid rocket propulsion stage with exactly the same propellant, materials, and interfaces as the three solid propulsion stages of the Vikram-1 launch vehicle. It gives a peak Sea Level thrust of 5.3kN and designed to take 66 atmospheres and 30,000 C of combustion pressure and temperature respectively,” Pawan Kumar Chandana Co-founder & CEO, Skyroot Aerospace, said in a statement.

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