Space startup Aevum debuts world’s first fully autonomous orbital rocket launching drone

A private rocket-launch startup unveiled its fully autonomous drone (Ravn X) designed to drop a rocket in midair which also shoots small satellites into orbit without a launchpad. The world’s largest Unmanned Aircraft System is completely autonomous, 70 percent reusable with plans to be up to 95 percent reusable in the future.

The craft flies just like a typical plane and can be launched from any 1-mile runway & once reaches suitable location and altitude, it drops a rocket that launches a payload of about 220 pounds into low-Earth orbit. After delivering the payload, the aircraft lands and parks itself in a hanger. The company says the aircraft is designed to put satellites into space as fast as every 180 minutes.

“U.S. leadership has identified the critical need for extremely fast access to low Earth orbit, through our autonomous technologies, Aevum will shorten the lead time of launches from years to months, and when our customers demand it, minutes. This is necessary to improve lives on Earth. This is necessary to save lives" said Jay Skylus, founder & CEO, Aevum.

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