StopCoV app helping frontline health workers to fight COVID19

As India is fighting against the COVID-19 outbreak (aka Coronavirus), inadequate data about coronavirus have become a major challenge for the government authorities. To overcome this issue, “MedTel” a Bhubanesswar based health-tech start-up company has developed the first of its kind Mobile App that helps frontline health workers to screen and monitor coronavirus.

MedTel-StopCov platform, a mobile app based COVID-19 screening & monitoring tool to enable frontline health workers to routinely report cases with COVID-19 symptoms, including general information such as the severity of the cases, age group, contact & travel history to affected areas, clinical symptoms and history of chronic ailments (diabetes, hypertension, kidney diseases etc.).The intelligent algorithm based on up-to-date ICMR guidelines gives an instant and easy to follow advice about what to do next.

StopCoV platform integrated with IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) medical devices (Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Pulse Oximeter, IR thermometer and ECG) makes easier to collect vitals which helps in real-time monitoring of patients. This has become a useful tool for entry/exit point check-in, isolation camps, door-to-door screening, hospitals (even designated COVID19 hospital) .

Authorities and medical team can centrally monitor cases through a dashboard that provides real-time meaningful insights considering both public health and clinical aspects of COVID19.

This company is incubated in KIIT-Technology Business Incubator, Bhubaneswar and is operating from Bhubaneswar & Bangalore. MedTel has screened more than 5000 person for COVID19 and working with both government and private institutions. We are looking forward to working with various governments and public health institutions not only helping them for monitoring but also helping in clinical research.

Considering distance is a critical factor in delivering healthcare services during the ongoing corona virus crisis, Globally, telemedicine has emerged as a front-line weapon against the Covid-19 pandemic. The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention in the US, National Health Service in the UK and Govt. of India have recommended its use for identifying high-risk patients and for treating other illnesses during the outbreak. People in rural villages of Odisha depend mostly upon government doctors. The Covid-19 lockdown has put regular life on hold. All the primary and secondary care OPDs (Out-patient Departments) have been closed due to lockdown. Neither private nor government doctors are accessible to rural population.

An integrated missed call based telemedicine platform is also helping patients from remote villages of Odisha to consult with MedTel’s 200+ doctors network. One can just give a missed call and consult doctors from all specialities. MedTel is serving more than 200 teleconsultations daily and solving both COVID and Non-COVID related queries mostly from rural and underserved locations of Odisha.

Owned and operated by MedTel HealthCare Pvt. Ltd, MedTel was founded in the year 2017 by Lalit Ranjan Manik, Ajit Choudhury, Siba Prasad Panda and later Joined by Dr.Timiresh Kumar Das who is a public health specialist having more than 13 years of experience.

MedTel is working on cloud-based integrated IoT medical devices and its datweal platform is building network of self-service smart health stations by partnering with leading hospitals, societies & healthcare providers to provide access points for health risk assessment via a followed by personalised engagement using intelligent healthcare bot (WhatsApp).Presently working with leading  hospital group  like Fortis, India’s one of the largest society management platform Apnacomplex and Purva real estate group.

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