Swiggy delivery executives in Bengaluru may go on strike again if issues are not addressed

While the strike of thousands of Swiggy delivery executives in Bengaluru ended on Monday (July 25), some of the associations supporting the protest have warned that if the startup does not address their issues within a week, as promised, they will organise a larger strike.

Executives in Bengaluru have been on strike since last week, with demands ranging from higher wages, particularly for "out of zone" deliveries, to not assigning orders to third-party service providers such as Shadowfax and Rapido. Swiggy requested a week to address their grievances, which the executives granted. They claimed that the recently changed wage rates - INR 20 per order for new executives and INR 30 per order for experienced executives - are too low given the rising cost of living in Bengaluru and the rising cost of fuel. Furthermore, according to the associations, delivery executives must pay for their uniforms and raincoats, which Swiggy does not provide.

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