#Switchitup with Root7 India - A fight against plastic-pollution

The brand Root 7 India is inspired by the similar product line based in the UK. Root 7 India identified the need of stainless-steel flasks that are sustainable as a replacement to single-use plastic in the country after an in-depth market research.

"We all have been reading a lot about plastic pollution but there is very little action that is usually taken to eliminate the use of single-use plastic. With Root7 India our aim is to educate people on the adverse effects of plastic usage and how just ONE sustainable reusable bottle can do good to the environment. Our bottles are extremely easy to carry and very stylish thus making it visually appealing for the new generation who are more prone to opting for products that have a modern and slick design. The features of our bottles include 304 Grade A stainless steel design, it can keep your beverages warm for upto 20 hours and cold for 30 hours. It is absolutely BPA-free thus making it an ideal replacement for all single-use plastic bottles. Not only this, but Root 7 is also an initiative to work towards a greener planet. We plant a tree for every bottle we sell. Our goal is to plant at least 1,00,000 trees", says Chaiti Jain - Marketing - Root 7 India

Root7 India is inspired to bring style, innovation and joy to sustainable living. We believe that something as simple as buying a beautiful reusable bottle can make a big difference in eliminating single-use plastic.  

#Switchitup with Root7 India is an initiative to educate our people on the adverse effects of plastic-pollution. Despite the knowledge available on the web-domain, we believe there is a gap in implementing a basic routine that includes going plastic-free with the easiest of switches and substitutes.  It is an effort to recognize individuals and brands alike who are consistently fighting for a greener planet and their battle against plastic-pollution.  As a brand Root 7 India is trying to make an impact in its own little way by raising awareness about this problem and the importance of sustainability.  

For more info visit: http://www.root7.in/

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