Telegram announces monetization plans as it approaches 500 Mn active users

Telegram has announced that it closing in on the 500 million active user mark. To keep a service of this scale operational, the company has announced plans of monetization through the co-founder Pavel Durov's public channel on Telegram.

Durov laid out a two-fold plan on monetizing the service starting next year. The first part of this will be introducing premium features for business or power users. While all existing features will continue to remain free, the service will introduce some new features that are aimed at fulfilling the needs of the more demanding userbase.

The other part will be introducing ads in the public channels. These channels are like massive open group chats run by an individual or a group of people and allows anyone to join in. Telegram will be showing ads in these groups using their own ad network, which will also get rid of any ads that the group owners may currently be placing manually by sending them as posts. The ads will be integrated within the app and have a better interface instead of masquerading as posts.

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