The ‘Apple Car’ is still alive, and it may arrive in 2024

We all remember the rumblings about an ‘Apple Car‘, were so common because it seemed like a futuristic vehicle. Tim Cook went so far as to confirm the company was working on self-driving tech in 2017. But then reports mostly went silent, culminating with Apple laying off 190 employees working on the vehicle in 2019.

According to a report by Reuters, Apple is aiming to begin producing its car in 2024. Key to the vehicle would be new tech that could make batteries “radically” cheaper and increase the vehicle’s range.

Apart from the batteries, Apple is expected to use LiDAR technology for a 3D view of the road around the vehicle. It is very much possible that this tech would be developed in-house since it is already using it in their Iphone 12 Pro.

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