The custom face mask trendy all over world made by indian small brand custom touch

The “Custom touch” creates smiles by designing all kinds of “trendy products,” including a collection of exclusive cotton face masks that can be customized ordered to feature any image, meme, or message as you wish, including the fantabulous designer print of your own face onto cloth coverings and they are eerily realistic!

Custom Touch is started by Ankush Srivastava, (an ARTPRENEUR which means an artist inside an entrepreneur). One day he was enjoying scrolling Facebook feeds and found an interesting meme, where there was a photo of a man wearing a plain black mask with a t-shirt customize printed on it that  “It’s me, Steve”.

outstanding idea grew up in his mind as with that meme he recognizes that there is an ultimate problem of people to showcase their identity in public after wearing a mask and he comes up with a quick solution. He makes a startup with the ideology of customizations and launches “Custom Touch”.

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