TikTok explains how the recommendation system behind its ‘For You’ feed works

TikTok takes into account the videos users like or share, the accounts users follow, the comments users post and the content users create to help determine users interests. In addition, the recommendation system will factor in video information like the captions, sounds and hashtags associated with the content users like.

Other signals contribute to TikTok’s understanding of what a user likes, as well. For example, if a user watches a longer video from beginning to end, it’s considered a strong indicator of interest. This would be given a greater weight than a weaker signal, like if the viewer and poster were from the same country.

TikTok also confirms that a video is likely to receive more views if it’s posted by an account that has more followers, simply because that account has a larger base of viewers. But it adds that neither the follower count nor whether or not the account has had high-performing videos in the past are considered direct factors in its recommendation system.

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