Toyota partners with Japanese company ENEOS to explore a hydrogen-powered Woven City

● What is in the news ?

▪︎Toyota partners with ENEOS to help develop the hydrogen fuel cell system that will power its futuristic prototype city Woven City.

▪︎Woven Planet, the innovation-focused subsidiary of Toyota that is in charge of the project, announced Monday that ENEOS, a Japanese petroleum company that’s investing heavily into hydrogen, will help make Toyota’s “human-centered” city of the future. 

▪︎This new partnership not only signifies Toyota’s backing of hydrogen over electric, but it also could help Japan achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. The vision for the 175-acre city is to build a fully connected ecosystem powered by hydrogen fuel cells.

● Things to know more

▪︎Operation of the hydrogen refueling station to be built by ENEOS is targeted to begin by the end of financial year 2023, and Toyota plans to introduce fuel cell commercial vehicles, stationary fuel cell power generators and other equipment in succession,” according to a Woven Planet spokesperson.

▪︎ENEOS will also be expected to produce hydrogen derived from renewables, to help install stationary fuel cell generators inside Woven City and to work with Toyota to research hydrogen supply. 

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