Trescon WAIS; Dubai World AI & RPA Show

Virtual edition of World AI Show (WAIS) providing a digital platform for global influencers, experts and tech leaders in the artificial intelligence space to discuss and showcase innovative AI-based solutions that can create in-demand AI

opportunities in the MENA region.

KEY NOTES from previous session

Lt. Colonel. Dr. Hamad Khalifa ​Al Nueimi, Head of Telecom Division for Abu Dhabi Police and speaker on the government panel said, “The implementation of AI has helped in ensuring the safety of people during the pandemic. We have adopted algorithms in our radar cameras installed on highways and streets for issuing tickets and fines, not as a means of punishment but rather to ensure that people stay at home safely.”

Andrew Tsonchev, Director of Technology at Darktrace is a celebrated technical Cybersecurity expert whose comments have been featured on international media including CNBC and BBC World. In his tech-talk, he threw light on offensive AI and the ways in which threat actors are beginning to use ML and AI to automate and improve their attacking capabilities. He said, “The explosion in 5G infrastructure is creating a massive increase in the number of devices and the degree of connectivity, especially in industrial applications. So, there is a complexity problem here. The scale increases so much that it becomes difficult for humans to monitor and protect these networked environments. At Darktrace, we are using Machine Learning and AI to automate detection and response to deal with these kinds of sophisticated threats.”

Raed Hafez, CEO of ElGrocer said, “When Covid-19 hit, the grocery industry saw a significant shake-up. The in-store experience has transformed to online. In less than a few weeks, we have seen about 400% increase in our orders and a higher increase in our gross value. Although this demand was positive, it increased all the physical activities for the retailers and online market places. We looked at all the areas that got impacted and how technology could help us in dealing with this. Nuummite helped us identify the best processes to prioritize, to give us the best return on our investment. This has greatly benefited our retailers and consumers.”

Other insightful sessions also included a presentation from Matthias Schindler, Head of AI Innovations for BMW on AI innovations in the Automotive Industry;

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