Twitter expands spaces to all users with at least 600 followers

● What is the news ?

▪︎Twitter Spaces, the company’s new live audio rooms feature, is opening up more broadly.

▪︎The company announced that it is making Twitter Spaces available to any account with 600 followers or more, including both iOS and Android users.

● What more to know ?

▪︎Additionally, Twitter is going to launch the option to co-host with other people to help manage speakers and participants. Users will also soon be able to schedule and set reminders for upcoming Spaces.

▪︎The social media giant also wants to make Spaces accessible for everyone and will be implementing improvements to live captions so they can be paused, customized and more accurate.

▪︎ Apart from this Twitter is also testing more ways to find and drop into Spaces. For instance, it’s currently testing a purple bubble around someone’s profile picture in users’ timelines when they’re live and hosting a Space.

The expansion of Twitter Spaces comes as Clubhouse its rival has started beta testing its Android app, with an official release still weeks away.

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