Two Entrepreneurs launched Jobs Forum for the impacted employees due to Covid-19

Lay-offs, firings, furloughs dominate the headlines. COVID-19 has dramatically altered the hiring landscape in India. As in other parts of the globe, thousands have been laid off indefinitely and without compensation. However, amid the gloom, there are companies, which are still hiring. Some of the domains being: E-commerce, Pharma, Food Companies, Online Education and Gaming, which are among those looking for people.

People started helping out with various possible activities some of them were creating WhatsApp, Telegram Groups sharing Job Updates, somebody has made an online tracker of hiring, with firing happening in various companies, some has created groups of all the fired employees etc.

Suyash started spreading google form & got good responses, in hardly 24hrs it crossed 100+ Job Seekers details. After a few days Rajat also jumped in and decided to collaborate together on a mission or an experiment to simplify the Job Marketplace Model by being a perfect equilibrium between the demand & supply.

Now, within a month they have 8000+ Registrations of Job Seekers through Google Form and have 400+ HR’s actively using database from Top Companies. On a daily basis 40-50 use to be active on Google Sheet and have recently created a Live Online Jobs & Internship Sheet also, to help Job Seekers so that they can view recent job openings (350+ Recent Job Listings) & can apply directly. Within 4 Days of its launch, this too seen a traffic of 1500 Unique Users using it.

Those who are looking for job or want to publish their requirement, here are the links

Form for Job Seekers or Job Giver:

Live Job Listings here:

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