VOGO to add electric vehicles to its Hyderabad fleet

Bike rental startup VOGO said it plans to introduce electric vehicle (EV) fleet to provide sustainable mobility solutions to commuters in Hyderabad. The company, which has recovered 40% of the pre-COVID-19 revenues in Hyderabad since the resumption of its services post lockdown, also intends to be back on growth trajectory by the end of 2020,

A statement said. The company has witnessed strong month-on-month recovery post-lockdown and is expecting 25 percent monthly growth in August 2020, it said. "...With our commitment to offer EVs in the city, we want to encourage the commuters to move towards a cleaner mobility option that will help us to reinstate the cleaner environment we cherished during the lockdown," VOGO Co-founder and CEO Anand Ayyadurai said.

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