Walmart Foundation invests $15 Mn of its $25 Mn grant to help Indian farmers

Walmart Foundation has announced two new grants as it aims to invest $25 mn in India by 2025. This fund will be used to improve agriculture practices in India and help farmers scale their business for a sustainable livelihood.

The $25 mn includes new funding of $4.5 mn, which will allow non-profits Tanager and PRADAN to help farmers with the improved output and fair market access. It will also provide aid to women farmers through farmer producer organisations (FPOs).

Kalyan Krishnamurthy, Flipkart Group CEO and a member of Walmart Foundation Board of Directors, said: “There is huge potential for innovative technology solutions to help farmers in India improve productivity and yield Farmer Market Readiness Programme, access valuable market information, and succeed as part of a more efficient and transparent supply chain. FPOs are key to the Foundation’s strategy for empowering farmers and bringing them into the digital era.”

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