Walmart is buying JoyRun assets to add ‘peer-to-peer’ product delivery

The Bay Area startup JoyRun is acquired by Walmart by buying “select assets – including the talent, technology platform and IP” from the company, in a bid to incorporate its peer-to-peer food and drink delivery service into its own last-mile logistics.

JoyRun’s service is a bit of twist on more standard delivery, the company’s app lets people find out who, nearby, is already heading out to a restaurant that they like, then tack on an order of their own. It would be intriguing to see how Walmart applies JoyRun's principles in it's supply chain.

“This acquisition allows us to further augment our team and ongoing efforts to explore even more ways to deliver for customers in the future. For instance, Runners could complement our SPARK program and 3rd Party delivery providers. Our goal is to deliver as quickly and efficiently as possible.” said Walmart's Srini Venkatesan.

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