Welcome Creators! Tickle.Life launches Podcast Hosting service

Tickle.Life (Tickle-dot-Life), The World’s First Community based Discovery Platform for sex and sexuality announced today the launch of a first-of-its-kind sex-positive podcast hosting service.

This web system based service which the company aims to provide for the creators and of the creators, to fulfill their needs to store, publish on various platforms, manage, and promote podcasts.

Apart from this, the service also provides podcast RSS feed and measurement tools to calculate the success of the podcasts with an enhanced analytics tool. All of this in a point-and-click environment, requiring minimal technical knowledge. This hosting service package is specially created for individuals and businesses working on sexuality-centric podcasts.

The starting price for the service is $7 for 10,000 listens.

Tickle.Life being a SexTech company with its mission to create an ecosystem for sexual wellbeing has created this service to support its colleagues in the industry. The service has been created in such a way that they would never ban content made specifically for sex and sexuality, hence also creating the terms and conditions for the whole sex industry. This is the extension of the podcast listing feature, making it easy to explore the sex-positive podcasts on the platform.

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“The idea of creating our own sex-positive podcast hosting service came to us when we created our own Tickle.Life Podcast and realized the need for a sex-positive podcast hosting service as there were none in the industry. You’ll love how easy it is to get your podcast up and running. For sexual wellbeing to be a mainstream topic we need to create a collaborative environment and will be launching support services to make all of us self-sufficient.” says CEO and co-founder Tickle.Life, Shakun Sethi.

“We are relentlessly working on managing your podcasts, and to ensure that each user gets the best results out of our newly launched service. Being one of the biggest depositories of sex-positive podcasts helped us understand the pain points and also our own podcast taught us the difficulties and uncertainty that comes with it and this initiative. We are sure this will help all of us, hence the low price point,” says COO and co-founder Tickle.Life, Parag Gupta.

Tickle.Life Tickle.Life is the world’s first community based sexual discovery platform to help individuals in their sexual journey through global wellbeing multimedia content and professionals. Tickle.Life is on a mission to transform the entire ecosystem by making the sexual wellbeing industry discoverable and in helping the industry with their tech needs in their journey.

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