WhatsApp Business Plans To Offer In-App ‘Shopping’ Experience For Users

WhatsApp may have embarked upon a path to disrupt the ecommerce market in India and around the world. To do this, the platform has announced its plans of revamping its WhatsApp Business platform, which currently allows users to make business accounts, chat directly with customers, receive orders, take complaints, among other things.

The platform has launched a shopping button globally but will launch it in India sometime later. The company has announced its intentions of allowing users to add items to a shopping cart and check out, all within WhatsApp.

With the launch of its shopping button and digital payments option, WhatsApp could give Indian sellers who’d rather opt for a direct-to-customer (D2C) model for their business, an alternative to the prevalent choice of selling their wares through ecommerce platforms such as Amazon and Flipkart.

In July, WhatsApp claimed that there were 50 Mn WhatsApp Business accounts globally, of which 15 Mn were from India. The company had announced its plans of providing businesses with QR codes. The QR codes could be displayed on a business’ storefront or their product receipt and packaging material. Instead of having to save a business’ number and then starting a chat, users could simply scan the QR code to initiate a WhatsApp chat with the business.

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