WhatsApp has reportedly been told to withdraw its privacy changes by the Indian government

The Indian government has reportedly come down hard on the Facebook's Whatsapp over its upcoming privacy policy and terms of service changes. As per a report, the Indian government has sent a letter to WhatsApp's CEO Will Cathcart with a list of queries and has also asked the company to withdraw the privacy policy update and to respect the “informational privacy and data security of Indian users.”

In the letter, the government has said that the new privacy policy from WhatsApp exposes Indian users to “greater security risks and vulnerabilities creating a honeypot of information,” along with its 'All-or-nothing approach' where the user has to accept the new policy or never use it again after Feb 8.

The government has also question why WhatsApp is offering a lenient policy in Europe and being rigid in India. “Differential and discriminatory treatment of Indian and European users is attracting serious criticism and shows lack of respect for the rights and interests of Indian citizens. Such a differential treatment is prejudicial to the interests of Indian users and is viewed with serious concern by the government,” the letter read.

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