WhiteHat Jr Accused Of Impersonating A School Kid To Attend Competitor’s Trial Class

Coding for kids’ platform Tekie has accused its competitor WhiteHat Jr. of using unethical tactics to understand and copy their model of teaching.

In a scathing post on social media app LinkedIn, Tekie cofounder Naman Mukund alleged that an employee of WhiteHat Jr, impersonated a grade six student’s persona to attend Tekie’s trial class. WhiteHat Jr. was recently acquired by India’s largest edtech company BYJU’S in a $300 Mn deal.

“We encountered a suspicious session, where the student had their camera turned off, and the voice from their side sounded almost like a 30-year-old adult,” Naman Mukund, cofounder of Tekie said in a Linkedin post.

Tekie has also shared the video on LinkedIn, that shows the alleged act of impersonation by the WhiteHat Jr. employee. This includes claims like the student was screen-recording the session, an email window with WhiteHat Jr. work email id signed in, and the student responding to two different names (Saurabh and Kavya), among others.

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