Wiseup Communications: Startup focused on improving students communication skills

Founder Background

Neha Agrawal, 26, is a Gold medalist from her undergraduate days. She completed her Masters from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Singapore. She is also a published researcher & worked at ExxonMobil, Singapore before taking the plunge with WiseUp Communications.

Early Beginnings

The journey of WiseUp began in 2018 when Neha was pursuing her Masters at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore. Like many other Indian students, she was awed by the facilities that the University provided her. One such facility was the Communications Cube, a centre where students from different nationalities could book a session with a communication coach and solve any communication related query such as research paper writing, resume building or interview preparation. Neha, who was herself working as a Communications Coach, saw from close quarters how this facility was instrumental in the early success of many NTU students. She researched to check if any Indian colleges provide such services and found none. She felt a huge gap exists in the education provided by Indian colleges today. Thus began the journey of Wiseup Communications to help solve the communication issues millions of Indian students face each day of their early careers.

Tasting Success with WiseUp

In March 2020, WiseUp had its first offline session on resume writing with 15 interested college students. Neha received great feedback for her content and communication style. Many of these early students texted Neha a few months later thanking her when they got their first jobs.

In April 2020, with the lockdown, Neha faced a challenge she hadn’t anticipated. With many days of despair she slowly moved her sessions to an online model. It was a blessing in disguise.

Soon, she started hosting sessions with engineering colleges starting with 2 colleges a month to now having sessions for 15+ colleges a month. More than 6000 students benefited from these communication sessions on research article writing, formal presentation skills, soft skills development, interview preparation & resume building.

A couple of months back Neha started her Youtube Channel. Each day hundreds of students reach out to Neha with their communications related issues and Neha personally responds to each of them. It gives her a sense of purpose and meaning each day.

The Journey Ahead

Neha believes the journey of WiseUp has just started. She will be hosting a research article writing workshop for one of the best institutes for India – Indian Institute of Sciences (IISc), Bangalore this weekend. A year back when she started this was tough to imagine. She believes the students' communication problem is prevalent across India and needs consistent work on – Wiseup Communications plans to do just that.

In Year 2 of WiseUp Communications, Neha has set herself the ambitious goal of helping 1 lakh college students in India improve their communication skills.

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