World AI Show – Qatar: Simplifying AI applications to drive business efficiency with Nutanix

Award-winning cloud computing company Nutanix featured as the Gold Sponsor at Trescon’s Qatar edition of World AI Show. The show virtually connected over 300 online participants from across the globe including major stakeholders of Qatar’s AI ecosystem such as government think-tanks, artificial intelligence experts and leading AI solution providers from the region and the world. The virtual conference essentially explored sectors of critical Infrastructure where AI/digital transformation can help the nation boost economic competitiveness with the region’s top AI leaders and the global AI fraternity.

Among the top technology leaders and speakers who joined the global conversation was Husain Ebrahim, Solutions Architect Specialist Automation & DevOps, at Nutanix. Husain who serves as a Solution Architect at Nutanix focusing on DevOps, automation and edge computing, took the audience through a technical session on ‘Simplifying AI applications to drive business efficiency’.

Husain’s presentation covered key areas such as AI’s impact on sectors, challenges during the AI system lifecycle and AI architecture on Nutanix, to name a few. While talking about managing AI systems, Husain stated, “The implementation and management of AI systems are difficult. The reason is that there are multiple platforms to deliver AI applications. Secondly, the scale and how we expand the applications is important. We also have a wide variety of applications based on sectors such as retail, healthcare, defence and industrial sector. Each of these sectors has their own requirements and challenges from a regulation and operation perspective.”

“Nutanix is helping organizations accelerate innovation, being more customer-focused and gain a competitive advantage in the business,” added Husain while explaining the concept of HCI and the development and deployment phase of the AI architecture on Nutanix.

The show was hosted on the virtual events platform Vmeets to help participants network and conduct business in an interactive and immersive virtual environment. Participants could also engage with speakers in Q&A sessions and network with solution providers in virtual exhibition booths, private consultation rooms and private networking rooms.

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About World AI Show

World AI Show is a thought-leadership-driven, business-focused, global series of events taking place in strategic locations across the world. It connects top AI experts, enterprises, government representatives, data scientists, technology leaders, startups, investors, researchers, academicians, and global AI innovators - to discuss the impact of AI on commercial applications and the revolutionary ways it can transform businesses and government functions.

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