Youth Entrepreneurship Summit by AIESEC in Delhi IIT

AIESEC is the world's largest youth-run organization with a network panning 120+ nations that provides the youth with global talent solutions, leadership development, and internship-based exchange experiences. They exist in consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), affiliated with the UNDPI, member of ICMYO, and is recognized by UNESCO.

Youth Entrepreneurship Summit 2020 organized by AIESEC in Delhi IIT in collaboration with the Indian Academy of Entrepreneurship, brings you the opportunity to get face to face with industry professionals who have towered experience in the field of business and entrepreneurship to give you a pre-insight into the same.

With this summit, get engaged in their early-stage incubation and acceleration program for your startup venture. Even if you've just begun ideating, our industry experts are here to aid you with their experience and knowledge of the fields, having begun successful enterprises on their own. The program makes sure that the information remains relevant and precise.

Dates: 28 Oct. - 1 Nov. 2020

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The YES 2020 is a five-day delivery model designed with our partners as an opportunity and incubation program, to serve as a youth to the business forum for developing competencies and skills required to thrive not only in the business sector but it also gives you a 360° view of how corporate success can be measured and achieved in any field.

  1. Participants are eligible to access recruitment opportunities as part of the post-event package and be placed as campus ambassadors, interns, volunteers with our partners who work in all avenues ranging from social welfare to entrepreneurship to all the direct corporates. We are looking for determined and dynamic individuals for the same.

  2. Participants successfully get a chance to onboard their first incubator (i.e. a mentor and aider who shall then help them to convert their vision into a start-up).

  3. The summit, brought by industry professionals and our client network, is an opportunity to learn hard skills from the best and serves as a crash course in growth-hacking.


  1. Early-stage entrepreneurs and aspiring students looking for incubation and acceleration: Students have the opportunity to develop techniques for building high-performing teams

  • delivering and receiving feedback

  • receive mentorship

  • receive consultancy

  • participation in an exclusive ideation

  • get real-time opportunities to work with professionals on projects and initiatives, honing your skills simultaneously.

2. Career Professionals: Build greater sector awareness and explore how you can adapt your entrepreneurial journey to meet the challenges to be faced in the industry and the startup world.

3. New leaders: Prepare for leadership roles after witnessing this insightful virtual journey with experienced professionals who are already excelling in the field and wish to help you work in the same stead.

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