Zomato cancels acquisition deal with drone startup TechEagle

Zomato had acqui-hired drone startup TechEagle Innovations an year-and-a-half ago, has cancelled the acquisition deal and parted ways with the company. TechEagle’s 6-member team, including founder & CEO Vikram Singh Meena, resigned en-masse from Zomato

Zomato said that it will participate in DGCA’s experiment, but did not specify if it would be in partnership with TechEagle. “DGCA’s recent permissions to begin testing drone delivery is great — we are going to move forward with our testing as soon as it is safe for our team to travel to the designated testing locations,” Zomato said.

Zomato’s plans for food delivery via drones will now take a backburner, even though it successfully tested it a year ago. It was also about to pilot remote drone deliveries in partnership with TechEagle in July

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