• Ishaan kakkar

Zomato hikes delivery partners' pay to counter sky-high fuel prices

Online food delivery platform Zomato said recently that it has increased the earnings of its delivery executives by 7-8% to make up for the skyrocketing prices of petrol and diesel. Zomato said the increase in fuel prices has hiked delivery executives’ monthly spending by Rs 600 to Rs 800 on average, eating into their take-home income.

To counter this, the company said it has introduced an additional ‘distance pay’ component, over and above the remuneration that its delivery executives currently receive, and will also adapt to changes in fuel prices in the future. It has also factored in an additional payout for long-distance journeys, as delivery partners often return to familiar localities after making a delivery far away.

“We are committed to making Zomato the best place to work for our delivery partners. We understand how fuel price hikes can impact their earnings and have decided to factor in such developments in their pay structure,” said Mohit Sardana, COO, food delivery, Zomato. “Both of these inclusions combined will increase their earnings by 7-8%,” he added.

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