Zomato, Swiggy now delivering food through instagram

Instagram is now facilitating food ordering on its app by redirecting users to Swiggy and Zomato.

For supporting restaurants, Instagram has also announced that it was going to roll out a food order sticker. On clicking these stickers, users will be redirected to either Zomato or Swiggy, depending on the landing link. From there, users can complete their purchase.

These stickers can be used by restaurants which have an Instagram business or creator account. They will have to link the sticker to their products page on either Swiggy or Zomato. After creating the ‘Food Order’ stickers, restaurants can share them in their Instagram stories or can also add an ‘Order Food’ button in their profiles.

Besides restaurants, the sticker will also help other small businesses to stay connected with customers. These stickers will also redirect users to a fundraiser built on Facebook’s Fundraisers platform. Instagram has allowed users to reshare the stickers with their followers to increase the reach of the restaurants.

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