• Chethan Machaknur

Zoom finally starting end-to-end encryption from next week

Zoom will be rolling out end-to-end encryption starting next week. Free and paid users will be able to host up to 200 participants in an end-to-end encryption (E2EE) meeting on the video conferencing platform. Zoom said that the feature will be available initially as a technical preview so that users can provide feedback to the company for the first 30 days. This is Phase 1 of a four-stage process for the end-to-end encryption rollout. Zoom said it plans to start Phase 2 that will include better identity management and end-to-end encryption with single-sign-on integration, in 2021.

Although Zoom has flourished in the pandemic, with more and more users relying on virtual modes of communication, it has also come under criticism for its security practices. End-to-end encryption is an effort to make the platform safer.

Earlier, Zoom would generate encryption keys and distribute them to participants. Now, with end-to-end encryption, the meeting's host generates encryption keys and uses public key cryptography to distribute these keys to the other meeting participants. Zoom said, in a blog post, that it still uses the same GCM encryption; the difference was where those encryption keys live.

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