Zoom not a secure video conferencing platform: India’s Ministry of Home Affairs

In a fresh blow to Zoom, India's Ministry of Home Affairs issued an advisory on the use of app. It has said the use of the platform is "not safe." The looming concern on Zoom is related to the security loopholes that have been unearthed in multitudes, also emphasised by the regulators in countries such as the US and Taiwan. The app has seen 5,00,000 daily downloads in the last week, the momentum gaining since people began working and studying from home due to the lockdown imposed to counter the spread of COVID-19 in March.

So, if you still want to use the app, use some steps that you should follow, also issued by the National Cyber Coordination Centre (NCCC), to safeguard your privacy and data from potential hacks and cybercriminals:

  • The user ID and password for each meeting should be regularised, which means you should enter new credentials for each meeting.

  • Set up a waiting room for video meetings by default, so that there can be no unauthorised access by strangers.

  • Also, you are recommended to disable "Join" before enabling "Host" for a video meeting.

  • As far as screen-sharing is concerned, it should be done by Host only. The recording should also be restricted.

  • The Host should disable the "Allow removed participants to rejoin".

  • The file transfer option should be limited or, better, disabled for certain video meetings that you think may not require file sharing.

  • The Host should lock a video meeting after checking all the participants have joined in.

  • The video meetings, when complete, should be ended rather than being just left by the host, as well as the participants.

Meanwhile, India is mulling to develop its own video conferencing app too.

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